Nourish Ventures Origins

Nourish Ventures’ parent, Griffith Foods, has been a product development partner to the global food industry for over one hundred years. We are passionately committed to delivering on our purpose, that “We Blend Care and Creativity to Nourish the World”. We believe we can play an active role in creating the sustainable future of food, and to do so, we’re developing an ecosystem of innovators to scale impact and accelerate healthy and sustainable food innovation. Nourish Ventures’ sole focus is to scale impact for a coalition of partners that are mission-aligned, ultimately enabling consumers and customers to access delicious, nutritious and sustainable food.

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Our Areas of Focus

Nourish Ventures is working to advance and accelerate food innovations in the following areas:
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    Alternative Protein

    Novel ingredients, processing technologies, and platforms that help scale credible alternatives to animal protein — without compromising human and planetary and planetary health

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    Food Loss Commercialization

    Circular economy and upcycling technologies, products, and business models that reduce and repurpose food waste streams.

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    Next-Gen Food Systems

    AgTech solutions that enable supply chain transparency and traceability, production side food system innovations, and tech-enabled product development.

  • Health & Wellness icon

    Health & Wellness

    Ingredient technologies and platforms that promote and advance functional, targeted, and personalized health.

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Faster, more efficient pathways to global impact.

Knowledge and experience are invaluable in a fast-paced industry. That’s why we mentor, collaborate, guide, and truly partner with new innovators, connecting them to the resources and global communities that will produce the greatest impact.
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    We have the global footprint, longstanding market experience, and industry access to guide you down the most viable and scalable paths.

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    We’re in the thick of food industry innovation, experimenting with emerging trends, conducting rapid prototyping, and gleaning deep insight for a total solution.

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    We provide curated access to growth leaders in R&D, culinology, sales support, product development test kitchens, and the venture ecosystem.

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    We help investors achieve a faster path to portfolio profitability with sound investment, risk assessment capabilities that produce results

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