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A Plant-Forward Future

Whether they’re motivated by health, ethical concerns or simple curiosity, consumers around the world are incorporating more plant-based meals, snacks and beverages into their diets.
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A Plant-Forward Future

Whether they’re motivated by health, ethical concerns or simple curiosity, consumers around the world are incorporating more plant-based meals, snacks and beverages into their diets. In North America, as consumers report wanting to limit—but not eliminate— their meat intake, we’re seeing innovative product offerings such as sausages that blend humanely raised meat with fresh vegetables. With the success and popularity of plant-based burgers on international menus, other types of plant-based items that mimic the taste or texture of meat are on the rise. Swiss customers are finding pea protein tuna on grocery shelves, while Chinese consumers can choose vegan duck neck, plant-based spicy crayfish or beetroot zongzi as more healthful alternatives to traditional dishes.

However, not all plant-based items are meant to recreate the attributes of meat. For example, Thai crispy oyster mushrooms are promoted as a better-for-you alternative to meat snacks, and Brazilian smoke-flavored bean sprouts deliver on both taste and nutrition, with vegan and high-protein claims on the package. Flavorful, memorable items like these appeal to a growing population of consumers who seek out unique plant-based options as part of a flexitarian lifestyle.

“A Plant-forward Future” by Chef Mark Serice, Vice President of Global Culinary


Plant-based meat substitutes can be found on menus throughout the world, and vegan burgers are a great “gateway” dish for curious diners.


Consumers reducing their meat intake due to health, environmental or ethical concerns are turning to plant-based proteins.


Leverage the power of health and satiety claims, when possible. Plant-based snacks making a combination of vegan and high-protein claims are on the rise.

Culinary Inspiration

Get inspired by these on-trend concepts to create innovative offerings using Griffith Foods products. Please contact your Griffith Foods representative to learn how this trend can be customized to your product portfolio.

Dan Dan Mein Szechuan Shirataki “Pork” Noodles with Spicy Doubanjiang

Tender shirataki (konjac) noodles tossed in a fiery fermented chili and bean sauce (doubanjiang) with plant-based “pork” and toasted chili oil. Finished with a sprinkling of garlic chives.  

Featuring: Griffith Foods Vegan Fermented Chili Bean Sauce, Griffith Foods Vegan Szechuan Pork Seasoning
Beer-Battered Heart of Palm “Fish” in Masala Paratha with Pickled Lime Chutney

Tempura beer-battered heart of palm “fish” fillets fried to a golden-brown crisp, served in a perennial wheat masala paratha wrap with pickled lime (achaar) and strained yogurt chutney.

Featuring: Griffith Foods Premium Tempura Batter Mix, Griffith Foods Masala Paratha Seasoning

“Sustainable nutrition [features] dietary patterns that reduce humanity’s burden on the environment. Nutrient-dense and eco-friendly foods, such as beans and lentils, are a good place to start.”

Culinary Perspective

Enjoy a lively conversation between Chef Mark Serice, Vice President of Global Culinary, and Chef Jonny Tomlin, Corporate Executive Chef, as they discuss “A Plant-forward Future” in our latest podcast.

You’ll learn about our chefs’ favorite ways to mimic meat using vegetables, along with other tips and strategies for navigating the plant-forward trend.

Listen to the podcast.


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